STAYING COVID SAFE for Second Hand Saturday

We consider the health and safety of our community of upmost importance, and we ask all those participating in Second Hand Saturday to follow the guidelines below to stay COVID Safe, and ensure you follow the NSW state government advice in regards to staying COVID safe.

In NSW, garage sales are permitted. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with the latest advice in your area before you host or shop at a Second Hand Saturday garage sale. Access the latest Government directions NSW here.

We also recommend downloading the Australian Government’s Coronavirus Australia app. This provides the most up-to-date advice and information and is available on iOS and Android.


Host or shop at a Covid-safe garage sale in the community

Your safety on Second Hand Saturday is our #1 priority. Sellers and shoppers are asked to follow all the relevant State Government advice.

  1. Register your garage sale on our website – by registering on our website you are also agreeing to adhere to the COVID safe advice from state government. Individual garage sales should be held on the individual’s premises.

If you are holding a group garage sale within a community centre, place of worship,  you will need to follow the guidelines in place for that place and have registered as a COVID Safe venue with a COVID Safe Plan.

  1. Feeling sick? Please don’t participate.

Please postpone your sale from your home, or don’t go shopping at Second Hand Saturday, if you’re feeling sick, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or have just returned from overseas.

  1. Keep your distance: at least 1.5 metres

Practice physical distancing on sale day, for example, keep a table between you and your shoppers and ensure there is space for shoppers to stay at least 1.5 metres from each other. Use the distance markers and signage provided when you register to remind people to stay physically distant.

  1. Keep it clean: wash and sanitise

Wash your hands regularly throughout the day and provide sanitiser for shoppers to use. Please be sure to clean and disinfect all the items you’re selling before sale day, and give any tables a quick wipe between customers.

  1. Stick to government guidelines on the maximum number of shoppers

There may be different rules in place on the maximum number of people allowed at social gatherings at any one time. This will vary depending on whether your sale is indoors or out, at home or at a community centre. Use the links above to access the latest guidelines where you are.

  1. Wear a mask

Although it may not be mandatory in NSW to wear a mask in any setting, it does help to protect against the spread of germs. For an eco-friendly version, consider making your own mask!

  1. Consider taking contactless card payments

There are lots of ways you can take card payments these days so consider these options and go cashless at your garage sale. Or you could consider setting up a paypal account for cashless transfer.

  1. Have shoppers sign in before entering your sale

Ask shoppers to leave their name and number on a contact tracing form or if you are holding a garage sale in a group setting, you can register for a QR code. This is especially important for indoor garage sales and group garage sales. After your sale, take a photo of the list as you’ll need to keep it for at least 2 months.