I started thinking today, what would drive me to hold a garage sale? Looking around my house sure there were some larger items like an old washing machine, day bed and coffee table I’d been meaning to get rid of, but I’d just list them online wouldn’t I?
Then I saw it … it was right in front of me all along – Clutter! My spare room was full of it, my cupboards and drawers, my garage, even downstairs! Oh dear. But Im not a hoarder … am I?  A myriad of small items I’d been shifting around, finding new places for and tactfully tucking away for years because I couldn’t just throw them away, were glaring at me. Do I really need all this stuff?


Suddenly it was as clear as day. Someone else might find these things useful! They’re still in good condition and I certainly didn’t want to send them to landfill.


I also couldn’t imagine taking photos of each thing to list it online, only to have people message and email to ask me questions about each and every item. There’s just too much! After all, I was only looking at the tip of the iceberg.  I needed people power! Enthusiastic treasure hunters. If I could get as many of these people to look at my things, hold them in their hands and think “this is just what I need”, I’d be set!  And there was my reason. I needed a garage sale! Now what was that garage sale event I saw advertised?

Second Hand Saturday – the North Coast’s BIGGEST day of garage sales! 

  In an enthusiastic flurry I attacked the spare room, sorting and boxing items for sale. I had two months before Second Hand Saturday to think about the items I’d want to sell. Very achievable.  Its amazing just how much clutter we collect over the years. So where to start you ask? Well, how about giving this activity below a go. Involve the kids or grandkids and take a closer look at what you’ve accumulated over the years.

What’s in my House Quiz

Step 1: Count how many of the following items you have in your household or for each member of your household:   Drawers filled with miscellaneous clutter T-shirts / shirts / singlets Shorts / pants / skirts Dresses Pairs of shoes Books Records / CDs / DVDs TVs Computers Other screened devices Suitcases Kids toys   Step 2: As you look at each item, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I or will I still use this?

Does this item hold high sentimental value and I’d keep it forever?

  If not or it’s not a definite yes, grab some boxes and start sorting these items as possible garage sale items. Be a little ruthless, you can always re-consider over the next two months but at least you’ll have a good idea about what you have, need and what is simply taking up space.