Garage sale secrets: five things you’ve got that shoppers want

Roll up, roll up for the biggest garage sale day on the NSW north coast! Your old stuff might be someone else’s treasure so why not join the fun and hold your own garage sale. You’ll help the environment by giving people the opportunity to reuse and recycle goods while taking part in a great community event. Here are five things you might have that second hand shoppers want.



1. Kitchen items

People love buying kitchen items second hand. The beauty of selling vintage or retro items is that they are now back in style and highly sought after. That old dinner set or Tupperware sitting at the back of the cupboard might be just what someone is on the hunt for. Give your kitchen a spring clean and clear out the clutter.



2. Furniture

Have you got an old lounge lying around or a spare bed that’s rarely used? Why not make some space and sell off those pieces of furniture that are no longer useful. People are always on the hunt for second hand furniture and it’s important not to overlook things that could be lovingly restored. Sell off your second hand furniture and put the money to better use.


3. Books, books, books!

Have you got a bookcase full of books that you’ll never read again? Have the kids moved out and left you with their old collection? Pass on the joy of reading by selling your pre-loved books. Whether it’s novels, children’s books, cook books or biographies, second hand shoppers love an unexpected find to take home and read. And don’t forget those piles of magazines too!

4. Building and gardening supplies

Do you have old building and gardening supplies filling up the garage or yard? From tiles, to pavers, bricks and timber there are plenty of things that bargain hunters can put to good use. And what about shovels, gardening equipment or old pots? Just give them a hose off and they’ll be ready for the next green thumb to reuse. With the warmer growing season upon us, you could also sell some plants.


5. Musical instruments

Musical instruments are made to be played, so if you’ve got an instrument that’s no longer being used why not pass it on to someone else. Whether it’s a piano, guitar, ukulele or old amplifier, musos are always on the lookout for a second hand find. And while you’re at it don’t miss the chance to sell your old CDs and records. Those old tunes never go out of style!

What will you be selling at this year’s Second Hand Saturday?