Top Tips To Garage Sale Shop Till You Drop

1. Plan your garage sale expedition. If you are after something in particular, use our search app. If you want to see what’s happening in a particular suburb, go to the map. Knowing where you want to go and how to get there will save you time. Think about necessary products, measurements, sizes, colours and condition.

2. We know you might be super keen but try not to arrive before the advertised start time of 8am for Second Hand Saturday garage sales. It takes time to set up a garage sale, and sellers need time to get organised before the big event. If you do arrive early, then wait until the seller is ready.

3. Finding a bargain and bargaining is part of the fun of garage sale shopping. Do not expect that all garage sale sellers will necessarily want to haggle though. Be fair and respectful of the prices they elect, but also don’t be shy to ask for a small discount. Don’t expect freebies unless offered.

4. Smile and be courteous. Sellers will be very thankful for a smile and a simple Hello. They have probably been up late or super early organising their goodies, so offer them a smile and a courteous thank you even if you leave empty handed.

5. BYO Bag – don’t forget to bring your own bag!

6. Money in smaller notes and coins will help make sure the seller doesn’t run out of change.

7. Check your items before you leave to make sure they are in working order.

8. Keep hydrated and your sugar levels up! Don’t forget drinks and snacks to keep you going, and save you time whilst on the road. We prefer reusable drink bottles, travel mugs and snacks in reusable containers.